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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

|| BATCH 1 ||

Here we come!!!!
hye-hye uols..
hope enjoy dgn our first batch..
also can visit our FACEBOOK
Hepi shopping!!!!

Code: AA1
color: Light green, Grey, Cream, Light pink
*High quality material. Fit up to L*

Code: AA2
color: Balck, White
*High quality material. Fit up to L*
Code: AA3
color: Light pink, Cream (sold out), Black
*High quality material. Fit up to L*

Code: AA4
color: Maroon (sold out), Light Brown
*High quality material. Fit up to L*

Code: AA5
color: Black, Light Brown, Grey (ALL sold out)
*High quality material. Bkn material cotton yang keras kejong. Material best so ble pkai akai nmpk cantek ikot flow. Tak payah riso kembang. Fit up to L*

Code: AA6
color: Blue black, Grey
*High quality material.*

Avalability: dark blue (S- last piece/L-sold out), grey (S-sold out/M-sold out/L-reserved)

Code: AA7
color: Cream
*High quality material. Fit up to L*
Vintage necklace

sold out), R2(sold out), R3(RM14), R4(RM12), R5(sold out), R6(RM12), R7(RM16), R8(RM12), R9(sold out)

notakaki: to all buyers, a special discount will be given if u purchase 3 item and above. Besides, free postage also wil be given!!!hhhooorraayy!!!


our shop will be opening soon
we're the one who only sell something which different from others
if don't believe, u'll see it soon

-wait our special promotion for this grand opening-