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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

|| BATCH 1 ||

Here we come!!!!
hye-hye uols..
hope enjoy dgn our first batch..
also can visit our FACEBOOK
Hepi shopping!!!!

Code: AA1
color: Light green, Grey, Cream, Light pink
*High quality material. Fit up to L*

Code: AA2
color: Balck, White
*High quality material. Fit up to L*
Code: AA3
color: Light pink, Cream (sold out), Black
*High quality material. Fit up to L*

Code: AA4
color: Maroon (sold out), Light Brown
*High quality material. Fit up to L*

Code: AA5
color: Black, Light Brown, Grey (ALL sold out)
*High quality material. Bkn material cotton yang keras kejong. Material best so ble pkai akai nmpk cantek ikot flow. Tak payah riso kembang. Fit up to L*

Code: AA6
color: Blue black, Grey
*High quality material.*

Avalability: dark blue (S- last piece/L-sold out), grey (S-sold out/M-sold out/L-reserved)

Code: AA7
color: Cream
*High quality material. Fit up to L*
Vintage necklace

sold out), R2(sold out), R3(RM14), R4(RM12), R5(sold out), R6(RM12), R7(RM16), R8(RM12), R9(sold out)

notakaki: to all buyers, a special discount will be given if u purchase 3 item and above. Besides, free postage also wil be given!!!hhhooorraayy!!!

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